Angie Hardwick, Ceramic Artist in Sheffield

Artist's Statement

"Love You Too""Life is complicated and untidy.

My tiles and ceramic sculptures concentrates on personal journeys we take. I incorporate familiar objects that introducing light humour to balance the seriousness of life changing decisions.

The main focus of my work are events that happen around me.

Currently my work presents a quirky and humorous take on the trials and tribulations of being a parent. My ceramic tiles illustrate comical scenes that happen within our family, concentrating on the similarities between my children and myself.

Embedded within the pieces are mementoes that link to childhood memory.

I have utilised cast replicas of toys and impressed detail to explore relationships and emotions.

A playful approach is used to highlight concerns and fears for my children's future as they grow up.

My work invites the viewer to make their own interpretations according to their personal experiences."

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